How The Religious Discrimination Started By Superintendent Alberto Carvalho?


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Did we ever get a complaint for our teaching in the community? No! Because most of the North Miami Community and 58% of Miami voters agree with our view on homosexual marriage and the rationale that this is not a constitutional right due to religious reasons. Read the Miami-Dade stats of Amendment 2 - Florida's Constitutional Ban on Same-Sex Marriage.


How Did The Religious Discrimination Start By Superintendent Alberto Carvalho?

These Three Major Players\Groups put into motion and not "Many People In The Community" as Jeff Wiesner for Local 10 sensationally reported. This is how it was all triggered in chronological order:


  1. Homosexual North Miami Councilman Scott Galvin got upset over Strip Club Protest
  2. Scott Galvin's Homosexual  Activist, Clergy, Reporters & Supporters launch biased news report and complain to district about our morally conservative message (CJ OrtunoRabbi Dr. Jory LangRev. Durrell Watkin, Jeff Wiesner)
  3. School Board Superintendent Alberto Carvalho makes comments of eviction as a result.



Where is the county polls showing citizens thoughts on this issue?

Where is the school board discussions and debate concerning this issue?

Where is the consideration of the Michelle Obama debate?

Where is the due process proving discrimination towards homosexuals?

When did private ecclesiastical teaching about what is acceptable to their God for a privately rented event become public discrimination?

Where are the documented grievances by "all community members" before and after the Local 10 reports?

Where is the discussion of protecting the 1st Amendment and Equal Access Act?


Details and Articles of How This All Escalated:



  1. Pastor teamed up with WPBT on the North Miami Strip Club Alcohol Ban Campaign
  2. Day before July 26th, 2011 Council Meeting Councilman Scott Galvin calls Pastor Jack Anti-Homosexual & Shames PBS For Partnership
  3. A few days later Councilman Scott Galvin Likes Pastor Jack Hakimian Being Called A "Douche" on his facebook profile
  4. Reports: North Miami’s PBS Subsidiary Accused of Backing Anti-Homosexual Pastor
  6. Pastor Jack in response to Councilman Galvin writes: Should Non-Christians Work With A Morally Conservative Baptist Church Over Strip Club Problem In North Miami? & Statement of Cooperation With Christian and Non-Christian Organizations
  7. Pastor Jack in response to discriminatory actions by gay activist concerning public use writes statement on Homosexuality, Marriage, & Freedom of Speech
  8. Homosexual activist and activist journalist challenge Miami-Dade School Board about our rental at North Miami High School
  9. Pastor Jack rebukes Councilman Galvin for being a hypocrite by partnering with TBN an Anti-Homosexual Sex & Marriage Organization. The very thing he indicted WPBT that started this discrimination controversy..
  10. Local 10 published article that School Board seeks to evict Impact Miami Church without doing a thorough investigation and demonstrating discrimination in the sermons

Please contact Superintendent Alberto Carvalho of Miami-Dade Schools  right now at:

 Alberto Carvalho

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2) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tell him to give churches religious freedoms to teach the Bible and to adhere to the  Equal Access Act, give us fairness like all other organizations & respect the First Amendment.

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