Superintendent Alberto Carvalho Discriminates Against Churches

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alberto carvalho

Miami-Dade Schools Superintendent Alberto Carvalho issued a statement in response to our message that "Marriage is intended to be between male and female and that homosexuality is a sin, like many other sins that God in His love can redeem(1 Corinthians 6:9-11). The story was reported by Local 10 due to the instigation of GayCouncilman Scott Galvin (see video & article).

Alberto Carvalho wrote: 

"We appreciate Channel 10 notifying us of these allegations, which appear to be contrary to School Board policy, as well as the basic principles of humanity, and I have asked for immediate legal review to seek the termination of the contract that is involved. Notwithstanding legal challenges, I cannot allow the circumstances to trump common sense and decency. I am making this decision not on the basis of policy or politics but as a rejection of prejudice and intolerance(source).

Clearly the superintendent is being prejudicial and discriminatory towards people of faith and the many Republicans, Socially Conservative Democrats, Conservative African-Americans, Cubans, Caribbeans, Christians, Catholics, Jews, Muslims, and Boys Scouts that send their children to his schools, rent from Miami-Dade School District and believe the same thing we do about "homosexuality and marriage" based on either social, economical, or religious reasons.


Most people of Judeo-Christian faith believe: "That marriage and sex should be between a one male and female as God originally designed and Jesus validated" (Genesis 2Matthew 19:1-11). 

If they break their contract with us due to terms not stipulated they are going to have to remove all of their church rentals, or filter their teachings before they give so called "non-discriminatory rental agreements". In the future the Superintendent could easily insert filtering based on race, gender, class, or political background. Since the person in power over our public educational institution decides what is "decent", even if the group is not advocating violence, hatred or murder.


When will the discrimination stop? Who will decide which group of tax-payers have equal access to after-school hour rentals?


According to Alberto Carvalho he will decide what is "common sense and decent" for 58% of Miamians who voted for legislation that is parallel to our theological views that marriage should be between male and female. To be precise 445,503 vs. 326,509 of Miami citizens voted to ban same sex marriage in Florida (source).


Also, in this weak economy the school-board better be willing to loose major rental revenue due to the existing organizations who believe the Bible as we do.


Michelle Obama In MiamiAlberto Carvalho will have to recant to Miami republicans like Carlos Curbelo who protested Michelle Obama's visit last week based on the fact that they believed the school should not be involved in endorsing politicians. This is how School Board attorney Walter Harvey responded 

"Under School Board policy, all groups, including political, religious and nonprofits, can apply to lease facilities from the Miami-Dade County Public Schools.." (source).

Also, a majority of states have banned same sex marriage believing it is not healthy for society. Are all these Americans full of "prejudice and intolerance" including the Florida legislature as Alberto Carvalho stated.


The courts have already decided that schools must give equal access to renting organizations and cannot discriminate based on religious, political, sexual orientation,etc (source).


This is a fundamental human right the superintendent should already know. Is he pandering to the gay activist while disregarding the many socially conservative democrats, republicans and independents. Doesn't he serve as a neutral organization all the citizens of Miami?


Surely the superintendent needs to apologize for his statement about "I cannot allow the circumstances to trump common sense and decency", or else he is claiming to have a discriminatory style of leadership in his tenure as superintendent.

If they rent to gay organizations who are anti-conservative, anti-catholic, anti-boy scouts, then they must rent to organizations like the boy scouts, jews, muslims, and conservative parties who are anti-homosexual marriage based on theological or social reasons.


By denying conservatives freedoms as tax payers they are clearly discriminating against a majority portion of their citizens.

Especially since our Baptist Views are less extreme and American in comparison to the extremist views of homosexual activist who seek to take away rights of anyone who disagrees with them. They want to make us like Canada where "free speech" and criticism of homosexuality can be criminalized.


Will the Miami-Dade School board be politically correct, or constitutionally correct by protecting "every-ones" 1st Amendment Rights, Human Rights and the Equal Access Rights.


Liberal church haters tried doing this to churches in New York and presently lost. Now they are trying to do it in Miami (source). They will not stop until they have government censorship on all religious voices and conservative view points.



Stand with us prayerfully, economically and contact these leaders and share your voice.




Sincerely In Christ,